Spartan Armor Systems AR500 vs AR550 vs AR650 comparison



I decided to compare the various body armor plates available from Spartan Armor Systems to see which one performed the best. To give the best comparison I used the rounds that did the most damage to AR500 body armor plates in previous videos as a basis and shot all 3 plates with the same rounds.

Rounds used: 5.56 xm193: 55gr at 3260 ft/sec 12 GA 1oz slug at ~1800 ft/sec 30-06 M2 ball steel core: 150 gr bullet at 2900 ft/sec

Disclaimer: Spartan Armor Systems is not in any way affiliated with this video or my channel.

NIJ Ballistic armor protection levels: https://www.justnet.org/pdf/Understanding-Armor-Protection.pdf

Spartan Armor Systems AR500 part 1: https://youtu.be/JfoBVvLwPYQ Spartan Armor Systems AR500 part 2: https://youtu.be/YVXjc-rd878

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    • Uploaded: 07/25/2018