HaH 2 Gun - 2018 - Stage 8 - Moving Targets!



Stage 8, Day 2 -

Balance test on multiple platforms while engaging paper targets then scale the berm, don't fall and die on the way back down, then engage a myriad of moving targets, including a running "rabbit" with your rifle!

This year Karl and Russell Phagan (Sinistral Rifleman) worked together on this video series, both of them shooting in Armored Trooper.

Karl is using a highly modified AK74 in an attempt to see how competitive he can be with a Kalashnikov platform, along with a Hudson H9 modified with a Delta Point Pro, and Sinistral Rifleman is using his top of the line KE Arms 15 and KE19 Stealth Special.

We used this match to do something a little different: discussing strategies on how to shoot the stages, along with post stage analysis of those strategies (success or failure).

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    • Uploaded: 07/26/2018