Hatsan Hercules Bullpup Integrally Suppressed Air Rifle



The Hercules Bully is Hatsan's newest version of the Hercules Precharged pneumatic Air rifle which was Originally designed for extended range accuracy. If you want to know more about the original Hercules we have a video of us shooting the 30 caliber version out to 300 yards consistently. Yes, that's 300 yards with an air rifle. The main issue in my mind with the original Hercules is that this capability came at a cost, a very large, heavy rifle. The bullpup version eliminates some of the extra capacity in trade for reduced size and weight lending itself to a more balanced design.

Anyway, the bully is Available in .177, .22, .25, .30, .35 and .45 caliber variants. The one we will be using for this videp is in .22. The power plant of this rifle is a 500cc carbon fiber bottle mounted inside the forward arm. Replacing the two STEEL tank system of the original Hercules. The rifle is gassed up with an 1/8th inch fill probe that is supplied with the rifle. Ammunition is supplied from a detachable rotary magazine, and the chasis includes index points for the two additional mags supplied with the rifle.

Inset into the bully is a variety of personalization features including an adjustable cheek riser, tunable two stage trigger, and a full length combination 11mm and Picatinny rail for mounting of optics

The body is all synthetic construction with an integral manometer indicating fill status.

lastly interesting features include a double feed restriction system and and Hatsan's integrally suppressed Quiet Energy barrel, the QE barrel is quoted reducing report by up to 50% without any need for participation with the NFA process. So first stop, how does that look in comparison with a real firearm silencer?

300 Yards: https://youtu.be/HKUCryGB1Dk

    • Uploaded: 07/29/2018