TNT Med Bag Unboxing



The importance of having a first-aid kit at your disposal cannot be emphasized enough. Even the most basic skills and equipment can prevent additional pain, injury, and unnecessary visits to the Emergency Room.

The ReadyMan TNT First Aid Trauma Pack was put together with real world scenarios in mind... not just "filler" first-aid junk. In this video, Jeff Kirkham goes over what is included in this kit.

Each TNT First-Aid Trauma Pack contains the following:

Bandaging: Knuckle Bandages - 8 7/8 Bandage - 8 Fingertip Bandage - 8 Extra Long Bandage - 8 Triangle Bandage - 2 Steri Strips - 1 Coban 2" - 2 Ace Wrap 3" - 1

Bleeding: 3 x 3 Gauze - 10 Non Adherent Pads - 10 5 x 9 Trauma Pad - 1 8 x 10 Trauma Pad - 1 Roller Gauze 2" - 2 Kerlix Gauze 3" - 1 Wound Seal with Applicators - 2 Wound Seal Vial - 1 Quick Clot 25g - RATS Tourniquet Israeli Dressing Dynastopper Compress

Cleaning: Antiseptic Spray Antiseptic Wipes Alcohol Wipes Insect Sting Wipes Hydro Cortisone Cream Triple Antibiotic Ointment Betadine Wipes

Wound Flush: Irrigation Syringe Hand Sanitizer Nitrile Gloves

Burns: 4 oz Burn Gel 4 x 4 Burn Dressing 12 x 12 Burn Face Dressing

Eye Injuries: Eye Cups 4 oz Chemical Eye Wash 1/2 oz Eye Wash Particulates Eye Magnet, Eye Loop

Sprains and Strains: 36" Stat Splint Instant Ice Packs Instant Ice Wrap (Rechargeable)

Instruments: Foreign Object Removal Kit Trauma Sheers Pen Light CPR Pocket Mask with hard case & gloves

Tape: Waterproof Athletic Tape Transpore Tape

Medicine: Ibuprofen Tylenol (non asprin) Excedrin (pain off) Asprin Antacids Medi Lyte - Electrolytes

    • Uploaded: 07/16/2018