CMMG MK57 5.7x28mm Banshee



The Mk57 is the newest addition to CMMG's line of Banshee pistols and SBRs. The firearm is chambered in the controversial 5.7x28mm cartridge which adds AR familiarity to the arsenal of anyone interested in the 5.7 game. We have a full video discussing the inticacies of the the Banshee, intorduced earlier this year and thus, this video will focus mainly on the differences pertinant to the MK57 and of course the 5.7 cartridge.

The MK57 is offered in two varients a 5" and an 8", both 1:9 Twist.the one pictured here is the 5" pistol varient that comes equipped with the Gearhead works Tailhook Mod 2. The SBR varients will be outfitted with CMMG's ripstock. Nuraled thread protecor and an RML4 Mlok Handguard complete the construction of the business end of the firearm. The guts use CMMG's Radial Delayed blowback system pioneered for use in both the Banshee and Guard models, however, the Bolt carrier has been substantially lightened through skeletonizing to reduce reciprocating mass and bring the gun's recoil impulse to near zero.

All told the banshee weighs in under 5 lbs once you add in the ambidextrous controls, sling plate, Single stage trigger, and 20 round magazine. You might be asking, what makes 5.7 so special? Why is this cool? We are going to answer those questions with a wide range of tests.

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    • Uploaded: 07/24/2018