Duelist Patreon Postal Match



In June I set up a cap & ball postal match for my supporters on Patreon.

If you don’t know what a postal match is, the concept is pretty simple. You shoot the match, per the match rules below, on your own, following the honor system, and mail me your target to score.

Match Rules:

Distance – 15 yards, shot off-hand, no rests, one-handed or two-handed

Round count - 10 shots on the paper.

Firearms – Any cap and ball revolver…any caliber, any barrel length. You may use either round balls or conicals.

Propellant – Real black powder, or a black powder substitute.

You may make as many attempts as you like, until you are satisfied, but you may only submit one target.

All targets must be submitted by 30 June 2018. I’ll name the winners in a YouTube video.

All shooting will be done on the official target, which is provided in the link below.


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    • Uploaded: 07/10/2018