Olight R50 Pro Seeker Flashlight. Perfect for LE.mp4



Olight R50 Pro Seeker Flashlight 3200 Lumens with LE Charging System.

10% Off R50 Pro Seeker with LE Kit: https://bit.ly/2Kv9mjx Use Code: olight10

10% Off R50 Pro Seeker : https://bit.ly/2yRHZOZ Use Code: olight10

Correction: Run times on 3200 Lumens is 1 min 30 secs then drops to 1000 lumens for 2 hrs 30 mins Run Times in 1500 Lumens is 10 mins then drops to 1000 Lumens for 2 hrs and 40 mins.

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    • Uploaded: 06/30/2018