BotR Patreon Q&A May 2018



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Topics: 0:18 Mike's favourite shooting disciplines 1:51 Mike's favourite Lee-Enfield producing factory 3:58 Y U no more shoot IPSC? What did you shoot it with? 6:45 Any chance Blokish participation in Desert Brutality 2019? 7:04 Swiss gun culture: are "non-traditional" disciplines hidden from view? 8:46 Mike's first gun 11:13 What would I like to do a series on but can't for time/effort/money reasons? 12:04 Swiss political stability 13:42 Will Kert Kerl be taking us through the M95 Mannlicher? 14:39 Small-bore Swiss cartridges in late 1800's - why were they not adopted? 17:10 Why less homogenity in Commonwealth 5.56mm rifles when they all adopted variations on the L1A1 SLR previously? 20:50 Interwar Swiss anti-tank weapons 23:15 M1 Garand box mag conversion kit? 24:11 German WW1 propaganda: Brits breaking the tips off of .303 bullets with the hole in the cutoff?


    • Uploaded: 06/29/2018