Designated Defensive Marksman Course **GI Bill Approved**



This Designated Defensive Marksman Course is an intensive and highly interactive course that uses various training sites, equipment, and “live-fire” training activities to replicate actual operational environments to facilitate an effective and realistic learning experience. To Lean More: Visit http://bit.ly/2us37a0

Upon completion of this course participants will understand the roles & responsibilities and duties of a DDM and be able to effectively demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform as a DDM in support of PSD operations.

Course Objectives:

Principles and Fundamentals of DDM Rifle Marksmanship

DDM Rifle Ballistics and Weather Compensation Calculations

Equipment Set-Up, Rifle Sight-In, & Data Book Use

DDM Shooting Techniques

Position Shooting & Unconventional Positions

Unconventional Positions Shooting Drills

Using Basic Ballistics & Data Gathering Up To 1500 Yards

Individual Urban Movement & Route Planning

Range Estimation Techniques and Distance Determination

Observation and Intelligence Gathering Methods

DDM Field Craft (Urban and Rural)

Course Length: 21 Days (189 hours)

Call for more information 1-800-874-0888 www.esibodyguardschool.com

    • Uploaded: 05/22/2018