18th Century Artisans Show 2016



Every February I go to the Best Western/Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania for the 18th Century Artisan's Show. I get to see some of the premier rifle builders and powder horn makers in the country, but that's not all there is to see at the show. A variety if 18th century artisans attend. You can see copper smiths and blacksmiths showing their wares as well as potters and weavers. And their is a great selection of fine art from artists who depict 18th century life.

There is also a room full of antique muzzleloading rifles, if you'd like to pick up an original, and another room full of vendors selling locks, stocks and barrels, if you want to make your own flintlock. It is a great way to fight the mid-winter blues.

    • Uploaded: 02/06/2016