Kriss Vector New Options & Prices SHOT Show 2016 Media Day



Kriss USA was on-hand at Industry Day at the Range at this year's SHOT Show with the new Gen II 9x19mm versions of their signature Vector pistols and carbines. The new 9mm Kriss Vectors will use Glock 17 magazines. They also brought out a select-fire submachine gun version of the 9x19mm Vector. Not to mention that this year Kriss will have other calibers available on the market as well. Starting in June, the 40 Smith and Wesson will be released followed the 357 Sig and 10mm later in the year. A factory SBR model (known as the SBR) and a pistol model (the SDP) will also be offered in 2016.


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    • Uploaded: 02/16/2016