Fuel Filter Silencer



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I'll be shooting a very short follow-up video asap. I'll be shooting into the soft sand berm so the noise difference can really stand out. The steel target makes so much noise, combined with the tiny mic, that this doesn't do it justice.

A fun DIY project making a common fuel filter into a sound suppressor. This first video of a multi-part series goes over some legalities and misconceptions about manufacturing firearms and NFA items as an individual, with the first shots fired after only a few very basic modifications to the factory filter.

And yes, while in a descriptive sense the term "sound suppressor" might be one of the most accurate, the terms "silencer", "gun muffler", "sound suppressor", "suppressor" and "can" are all industry acceptable terms. For those who seem to believe the term "silencer" is somehow incorrect, in the early 1900s Maxim started the "Maxim Silencer Company" after he designed one of, if not the, first one, and it was a correct term far before the internet existed to tell people it's incorrect. :-)

Part 2, the short video illustrating the sound difference without the loud, steel targets can be found here: https://www.full30.com/video/317654d3b7099be1f964491b82d95258

    • Uploaded: 12/17/2015