How to Unjam the Magpul D60 Drum Magazine!



The PMAG D60 drum magazine from Magpul is actually a very reliable magazine when in use. However, there is one consistent way to jam the magazine when unloading improperly. I show you the correct way to unload the D60 as well as two ways to fix the magazine if you managed to unload it improperly and jammed it.

These methods came straight from Magpul, whose engineers shared them with me so that I could share them with you. Even doing this right, there is a slight chance you could break your magazine and/or injure yourself due to the extreme tension on the drum spring. Be sure to watch the entire video from start to finish before attempting to follow along with your own magazine.

Any questions about this method should be directed at Magpul Customer Support, who will help you unjam your magazine or even give you an RMA so that they can unjam it for you and get it back to you.

Call Magpul Customer Support at: +1-877-462-4785

    • Uploaded: 12/13/2015