Working with Fasteners - Torque and Thread-locker



In this video we address a question we get asked all the time, how do I properly deal with all these screws? This is an issue we see at every class or shooting event, stuff comes loose and falls off. If something falls off at the range that's one thing, but on a patrol shift or home defense incident it could be tragic. The AR can have several fasteners, grip screw, your sights, optic mount, light mount, sling mount, rail, and the list goes on and one. Every one of these fasteners should be properly prepared, torqued and witness marked. We go over how to do all of that and make sure to use a quality thread locking compound. A lot of folks are afraid to use thread locker but the reality is it is a requirement for hard use firearms you may have to depend on. This is the method we use for all of our fasteners and it works great!

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    • Uploaded: 12/09/2015