5th Annual 9/11 Memorial Shoot



I want to thank all the companies that attended and those who donated products for the Charity Raffle! We were able to raise $5000 for the Firefighters Charity! Also a big Thank You to Clearwater Fire Charity for donating money and Thin-Red-Line wrist bands to hand out to those who bought raffle tickets!

Prizes Donated: 1. Rugged Suppressors - Surge 762 suppressor (custom serial number 091101 and custom paint scheme - SICK!!!) 2. Silencerco "Free Suppressor Voucher" - Good for ANY one silencer they make. 3. Dead Air Armament - Sandman-S suppressor 4. Serbu Super Shorty (Mossberg 500 AOW) 5. Cole-Tac - suppressor mirage cover, rear bag and brass bag. 6. Holosun 503c red dot sight (x2) 7. MVB Insustries ARC stock (x2) 8. Kilo Delta Tactical Designs - 2 Color Cerakote Job 9. VZ Grips $50 Gift Card (x2) 10. ALL STAR Roofing. $1000 Gift Card (x2) 11. Andro Corp 8" 300 BLK OUT complete upper 12. IGFS Gift Certificate for a full custom job on a customer supplied Glock. 13. Potomac Gun Trust Certificate (x2) 14. One free suppressor voucher from SEG Suppressors 15. 3 mag packs from Hexmags. 4 mags in each (blk,fde,od) 16. Innovative Arms War gas adjustable receiver 17. Innovative Arms Mini Grunt Suppressor

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Intro animation custom made by: http://videohive.net/user/Wynio/portfolio?ref=Wynio

Thank you to Tony Reeves for providing the land: https://www.facebook.com/ReevesLandServices?fref=ts

Note: Per iMovie11 agreement I have full rights to all music in this video and I also own full rights to intro song and animation.

    • Uploaded: 11/19/2015