Borka Tools PTL - Precision Torque Limiter Review



In this episode we review the Precision Torque Limiter (PTL) from Borka Tools. The PTL is a precision torque tool based on proven industrial designs that has a very high level of accuracy for limiting specific amounts of torque to fasteners. Each PTL is calibrated and certified to a specific level of torque that will match your needs. Because the PTL is calibrated to a specific level and amount, the level of accuracy is greater than the typical industry standard of +/- 4%. The PTL is typically found within +/- 2%, our samples were certified within 1%! The tool is available in kits for your needs, options include one PTL with a specific bit, or two PTLs to make a kit for a specific rifle or application. All of the PTL options come with a nice ratchet handle to be used with the PTL as well as for removing or installing fasteners with the 1/4" hex bit system. The PTL is a hand tool and should not be used with power tools as this could damage the tool. If you are looking for a torque tool for a specific amount of torque, all of the products from Borka Tools will deliver. We also go over why you would choose the PTL over an adjustable torque driver as well. For more information, or to purchase, please check out the Borka Tools website: http://www.shooterstools.com

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    • Uploaded: 11/18/2015