HMG Reproduction Sturmgewehr Pt 3: Pricing and Different Models



Karl and Ian took an opportunity to go visit Hill & Mac Gunworks in Atlanta, to take a sneak peek at their upcoming reproduction Sturmgewehr rifles. There are a lot of clever, creative, and modern elements blended into their design. It really is the sort of rifle that we believe the Germans would have developed had WWII continued for a year or two longer. Today we are going through the myriad of different options HMG will be offering for these rifles!

If you missed our detailed look at the engineering and design decisions behind the reproduction Sturmgewehrs, you can see it here:

If you missed our in-depth look at the original Sturmgewehr, you should check it out - it will put a lot of the reproduction features in context:

    • Uploaded: 11/30/2015