CapArms 300 BLK LE Entry Rifle



In this video we get our hands on the Law Enforcement Entry Rifle, LEER for short, from our friends at CapArms. This is our first time shooting the rifle and we had a blast. We learn more about the platform with special guest Clint Gerner, CEO of CapArms. He tells us some of the background of the firearm and why it was put to market. This isn't a detailed review as we only had the rifle for one day, but soon we hope to get another LEER back where we can shoot it even more and provide more information. Thanks for watching! For information about CapArms, please check out their website: www.caparms.com

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Intro Music: Let Me Go by STEEP Source: freemusicarchive.com Used under Creative Commons License

    • Uploaded: 11/07/2015