Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Review: 50,000 Hour Run Time



Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot Review MD-ADS Red Dot has stepped up the game with a better Emitter and 50,000 Hour Battery Life on the Medium Setting. MSRP: $169.99 is a great price for this quality Red Dot. Low Mount Included.

Primary Arms Website: http://www.primaryarms.com/

PA Advanced Micro Dot Webpage: http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-advanced-micro-dot-with-push-buttons-and-up-to-50k-hour-battery-life/p/kt-md-ads/

Ultimak Rail for the AK-47 available at Primary Arms: http://www.primaryarms.com/ultimak-m1-b/p/ultimak%20m1-b/

Thanks to Federal Premium for supplying the American Eagle 7.62x39 Federal Premium Website: https://www.federalpremium.com/

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    • Uploaded: 11/07/2015