2-Gun WWI Extravaganza: BEF vs German Landser



We're going to have at least one more video from our WW1 themed match posted, and this is the first of that set. In this video we take a slightly whimsical approach to the very dark topic of WW1:

A 1914 British Expeditionary Force rifleman equipped with standard British gear
A rear line enlisted man Landser equipped with 2nd line German gear

BEF gear:
No 1 MkIII* Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield rifle (technically a post-1915 rifle)
Webley Mk VI revolver (shaved to use light .45ACP loads)
Brodie helmet
Pattern 1907 bayonet
Entrenching tool handle (trench club)
Pattern 1907 web gear, adapted to include the revolver (satchel, canteen, ammo pockets, bayonet, entrenching tool handle)

Landser gear:
Gew88 converted to spitzer bullets w/ stripper clip guides and dust cover
Converted Austrian M95 bayonet (common, the Gew88 had zillions of bayonets converted to fit)
Wonky commercial C96 broomhandle (purchased by soldier, not issued)
Y-Straps and standard ammunition pouches

    • Uploaded: 11/04/2015