Trulock Choke Tubes Factory Tour & Interview



Trulock Choke Tubes was started by George Trulock in 1981. George designed the Tru-Choke that could be retrofitted into most shotgun barrels without the use of an adaptor or machine tools. Now Trulock Chokes stocks approximately 2000 different chokes for every major manufacturer and most of the ones you've never even heard of.

Trulock is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and they stand behind every choke they send out the door. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a choke that you order you can return in for a refund or an exchange anytime within 60 days for the date of purchase. Trulock also offers a lifetime warranty that allows you to get a replacement choke if for any reason one of their chokes fail.

Trulock has been a partner of our since 2012 and now with over 80 Trulock Chokes, we have never had to send one back. It was really fun to go down to Whigham, GA and see where and how Trulock makes their chokes. Visit Trulock Chokes on the web at www.trulockchokes.com

    • Uploaded: 10/27/2015