Savage 110BA 338 Lapua Magnum! First Shots



Savage Arms sent me a 110BA in 338 Lapua Magnum to test and use on the channel. At just over $2,000 street price, it's probably the least expensive 338 LM you can buy already set in an aluminum chassis.

The Accutrigger felt fantastic- it's light and crisp from the factory, though you can adjust it heavier or lighter to suit your own preferences.

The massive muzzle brake turns what would likely be painful recoil into a firm push. I did not load the stock much at all, and as the video shows, the brake redirects most of the recoil into side blast strong enough to blow one of my shooting rests off the bench.

Some have seen half-MOA out of their rifles shooting handloads, and I believe that given how easy it was to shoot MOA with the first match ammo that I tried. Savage barrels have the reputation for getting tighter as they break in, and the new American Eagle 250gr Soft Point will make that less painful since it's only around $50 for a box of 20 rounds street price.

A full T&E will take a while due to the cost of ammunition. However, I plan to see what the 338 LM is capable of in a series of "this versus that" videos.

The 110BA is also available in 300 Win Mag. For more information, visit: http://www.savagearms.com/firearms/model/110BA

    • Uploaded: 10/19/2015