Dave Spaulding Interview Part 1



We start part 1 where we talk with Dave Spaulding from Handgun Combatives. We talk about his background, the training he offers, training philosophy, advice for students and more. Dave Spaulding has a passion for teaching and making his students better shooters, this is obvious when you take one of his classes. We were honored he took some time to speak with us after class to learn more about the wealth of knowledge he has. We hope you enjoy this interview and we have even more with Dave coming up in part 2. For more information about Dave Spaulding and his training please check out his website: http://www.handguncombatives.com

PART 2 interview with Dave Spaulding HERE!!! https://www.full30.com/video/a4bc5a1feff8505e323f66f9d92e41a2

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    • Uploaded: 09/16/2015