Timm-1 Training Target



Those who have attended our classes have no doubt seen this target, however we are starting to learn other instructors have been using it as well. We designed this target to use with the common IPSC/IDPA cardboard backers that are all over the place. The design expanded the typical alpha/charlie zone and allowed use of majority of the target space to get more drills per target. We wanted a target that could allow areas for simple things like zeroing of optics, but also drill options, and of course various aiming points. The target started as a simple sketch and finalized to what we see it as today. In this video we go over some of the thought process behind the target, some drills we use the target for, and ideas on how you can use the target to practice on your own.

The target is exclusively available at LE Targets, a great Minnesota company: http://www.letargets.com/content/timm-1-ipsc-cardboard-tactical-training-target-facer.asp

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Intro Music: Let Me Go by STEEP Source: freemusicarchive.com Used under Creative Commons License

    • Uploaded: 08/21/2015