Armi Galesi 25acp Pistol Mouse Gun Review



Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Armi Galesi 6.35 Caliber Pistol. Founded in Italy in 1910, these little pocket pistols were imported into the U.S. during the 50's and 60's until the 1968 Gun Control Act. Inexpensive and not very collectible, the quality is good and fun to shoot.

The following codes will tell you the date of manufacure of the little Galesi pistols. It usually appears on the right side of the frame either behind or over the trigger:

Year Code Located behind the Trigger Guard on the right side of the Frame: 1954 = X 1955=XI 1956=XII 1957=XIII 1958=XIV 1959=XV 1960=XVI 1961=XVII 1962=XVIII 1963=XIX 1964=XX 1965=XXI 1966=XXII 1967=XXIII 1968=XXIV 1969=XXV 1970=XXVI 1971=XXVII 1972=XXVIII 1973=XXIX 1974=XXX 1975=AA 1976=AB 1977=AC 1978=AD 1979=AE 1980=AF 1981=AH 1982=AI 1983=AL 1984=AM 1985=AN 1988=AP 1987=AS 1988=AT 1989=AW 1990=AZ 1991=BA

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    • Uploaded: 08/18/2015