2-Gun Action Challenge Match: SMLE vs Kar98AZ (World War I)



In this month's 2-Gun Action Challenge Match, Karl and Ian decided to both run World War I rifles - Karl with a 1914/1920 Kar 98AZ and Ian with a 1918 no1 MkIII* SMLE. In the previous enfield/Mauser matchup the outcome was a bit indistinct, because the match did not involve much repeat fire and the Enfield had a few reliability issues. In this match, the stage layouts give the Enfield more room to exploit its faster action and larger magazine - assuming the rifle runs reliably and Ian can do his part.

This match was also done as a practice run for the big 2-day Tiger Valley team match coming in September, which we plan to shoot with WWI gear. Want to see more about the German Stormtroopers that Karl is studying? Check out Ricardo Cardona's book, Sturmtruppen: WWI German Stormtroopers (1914-1918).

    • Uploaded: 07/29/2015