Wilson Combat Beretta 92 /96 /M9 Parts Installation



Wilson Combat Beretta 92/96 Upgrade parts Installation. We go through a step by step process installing each part. Below are reference points if you're looking for a particular part to install and part numbers.

Wilson Combat Website: http://www.wilsoncombat.com Brownells Website: http://www.brownells.com/

Install video Reference Points: Mag Release Install: 4:16 Short Reach Trigger Install:5:52 Mag Guide & Hammer Spring Install: 9:05 Lo-Pro Single Safety Install:10:18 BattleSight Install: 17:33 Fluted Steel Guide Rod & Recoil Spring: 19:40 Shok Buff Recoil Buffer: 19:40 G10 Grip Panel Install: 21:30

Wilson Combat Part numbers: Oversized Checkered Mag Release Part #678 Short Reach trigger Part #635 Mag Guide Part #676 Hammer Spring 14lb Part #721CS-14 Lo-Pro Single Lever Safety/Decocker Part #636 BattleSight Serrated Blade .270 Part #630 Fluted Steel Guide Rod Part #670 13 lb Recoil Spring (Factory Standard) Part #645FS-13 Shok Buff Recoil Buffer Part #700B Dirty Olive WC G10 Grip Panels Part #724FC-DO

    • Uploaded: 06/27/2015