Takedown Rifle Accuracy



Semiautomatic Takedown Rifle Accuracy. In this video we shoot five, 10-round groups, disassembling and reassembling the rifle and sight, between each group to check for repeated accuracy. The rifle is a BCI Defense Carbine and the takedown system is a DOLOS, from coppercustom.com. The FCG is the TAC-CON Trigger System and the suppressor is a Gemtech TREK-T. The sight is from Hawk Sport Optics.

Bigshooterist Challenge Coins available at: http://www.graywaterops.com/big-shooter/

DOLOS Kit from: www.coppercustom.com

Book “Evolution of the Black Rifle” at: http://www.amazon.com/Evolution-Black-Rifle-Upgrades-Accessories/dp/0692317260

    • Uploaded: 06/24/2015