Shooting and Disassembly of Early Dutch AR10s



If you are visiting Tombstone Arizona, make sure to drop by Tombstone Territorial Firearms - it is a great little shop with an excellent assortment of interesting guns despite being in a small town!

I had a chance to do a video on a Portuguese contract AR-10 made by Artillerie Inrichtingen in the Netherlands a little while back. Unfortunately, it had just sold, and so we didn't have an opportunity to doing any shooting with it. I put off the editing of that video for a while, and then happened to have a chance a week ago to do some shooting with a registered full-auto Sudanese contract AI AR-10. They aren't the same gun exactly, but very close. So when I put this video together, I added in that shooting footage, so we could have the complete package. Enjoy!

    • Uploaded: 06/25/2015