Sig MPX Review Part 2 - Shooting as a Pistol



Part 2 of our Sig MPX Review Series is here! In this video we shoot the MPX as a pistol and test the operating system with a variety of 9mm ammunition ranging from practice, defense, sub-sonic and weights from 115-147. Sit back and watch how the MPX performs.

We are planning the review in parts: -Part 1 - Overview & Tech Info- The platform overview, technical information and break down Link to Part 1 -Part 2 - This Video Shooting as a pistol, ammunition function and tests -Part 3 - Shooting as an SBR Coming Soon -Part 4 - Use with a Suppressor Coming Soon

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Intro Music: Let Me Go by STEEP Source: Used under Creative Commons License

    • Uploaded: 06/17/2015