1914 Swiss "Butcher" Sawback Bayonet Testing



One of the distinctive bayonets of the First World War was the German "sawback" engineer's bayonet, a long blade with a double row of pretty menacing looking saw teeth along its spine. Those bayonets became associated with nasty wounding potential, but their actual purpose was in fact for engineer troops to use in cutting wood when a saw was not available. However, nobody seems have have much idea of whether they actually work to that purpose.

Simpson Ltd kindly donated a Swiss 1914 pattern sawback engineer's bayonet (functionally identical to the German ones) so that we could actually put it to the test. We set up a simple tree branch cutting test, and compared the bayonet used by itself, the bayonet used while affixed to a Swiss carbine, and a proper wood-cutting bucksaw.

    • Uploaded: 06/10/2015