Lionheart Industries LH9CN: The "Get Off My Lawn" 9mm Pistol



The Lionheart Industries LH9CN is their compact model in their pistol line, and my choice for winter woods carry, and urban carry. I love my 1911, but when bears and the rut aren't a threat to me and when I want more conceal-ability the LH9CN is my choice. The feel and operation are similar to my 1911, so there is no need to relearn a new platform. The quality of components is also really good, and when compared to European or American firearms with the same features, its a steal.

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The good: - Fit and finish ranks high for me as far as non-custom firearms go - Trigger, although a combat trigger, breaks clean, and the Double Action Plus+ is another option when carrying your firearm - Accuracy is very good with 124grain ball ammo. The target in the video is at 25yards and aside from my hiccups, they stayed in the black of an NRA official pistol target. - Magazines are compatible with S&W 59 and 69 series magazines. - Very lightweight for a metal framed pistol - This pistol is a fox. In France it would be called "la renard" and would be hunted with only it's cunning to protect it.

The Bad: - Although the cerakote finish is very durable, it is only as hard as the surface it is protecting. When I dropped the pistol on granite rock (not polished granite, natural granite) I had some scratches. - I love frog lube on knives, but NOT on firearms. After 300 rounds there was a slowing down of the firearm's slide. Not ideal for prolonged shooting in a cold desert environment. The stuff smells delicious though...

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    • Uploaded: 05/31/2015