Reloading on a Progressive Press: Step By Step Guide



There are many reasons to reload ammunition for your firearm, cheaper, more accurate, and specialized ammo (such as low recoil) just to name a few. While you shouldn't use reloaded ammunition in a defensive situation such as in a concealed carry or home defense weapon, you can replicate factory ammunition for inexpensive training, or for hunting and target shooting.

In this video, I demonstrate the steps and procedures for how I reload ammunition for my 308win rifle. These steps and procedures can be translated to other rifle calibers, and even pistol calibers as well.

The Good: - Inexpensive ammo - More accurate - Can produce custom velocities - More self reliant - Recycling materials (brass) is green

The Bad: - Not to be used in a defensive situation - Initial cost

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    • Uploaded: 05/11/2015