How To Sharpen Your Knife With Wood



Keeping your knife sharp is as important as keeping your feet dry, and your gun clean. In this video I demonstrate how to sharpen small knives, and my preferred method on sharpening large knives and how to do it with improvised materials in the field.

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Eze-lap 510: Eze-lap 530:

In this video I use the Eze-lap 510 (400,1200 grit) and an Eze-lap 530 (1200, ceramic) and am able to get an edge with a CONSISTENT angle and sharper edge than what comes from MOST factories.

The Knives featured in this video are the TOPS Wilderness Guide 4.0, and the TOPS Tahoma Field Knife (

Behind the scenes:

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    • Uploaded: 04/10/2015