Very Early Mars Pistol #4 in 8.5mm Mars




Until the midle of the 20th century, the most powerful automatic pistol made was Sir Hugh Gabbett-Fairfax's Mars pistol. With the .45 caliber version approaching the energy of a .45 Winchester Magnum, it was quite the accomplishment for a gun designed initially in 1898! Well, RIA has a very early example of the Mars - serial number 4 - coming up for sale. This gun (chambered for the 8.5mm Mars cartridge) has a number of features that differ from the more "typical" Mars pistols (all 80 or so that were ultimately made). These include a very long barrel, a tangent-style rear sight, and a 3-lug bolt instead of the standard 4-lug type. A very cool pistol to have a look at!

    • Uploaded: 04/16/2015