Decentralized Video Distribution: BitChute




The increasingly centralized control of content distribution on the internet via a slow concentration of power via corporate oligarchies is a very dangerous threat to our digital rights and future.

BitChute is a new video distribution (CDN) based on the concept of P2P BitTorrent style technology. In the BitChute model, there's no central distribution point nor corporate control, and no advertising. Once the video is in the BitChute network it is distributed amongst diverse peering points and then distributed to the viewer based on regional peers.

It is for this reason that BitChute is absolutely the most philosophically pure version of InRange's distribution points and we urge you to support their endeavor. Projects like this are hugely important and we need to diversify and reduce chokepoints to ensure that content will always have a way to get to the people that want it.

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    • Uploaded: 10/07/2017