P&S & InRange TV Present: A Roland Special demo w/Dugan Ashley



In this collaboration between Primary & Secondary & InRange TV:

Dugan Ashley of CarnikCon will demonstrate the extreme accuracy, range and controllability that only the Roland Special can bring to the fight.

This particular Roland Special is custom built: KE Arms 19 Charlie Slide: http://www.kearms.com/ke19-slide-charlie

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro: https://www.opticsplanet.com/leupold-deltapoint-pro-matte-7-5-moa-delta-dot-sight.html

Texas Black Rifle Systems MicroComp: https://tbrci.com/product/tbrci-glock-micro-comp-v3/

Glock19 Grip reduction by We Plead the 2nd: https://wepleadthe2nd.com/

This video series is only possible due to a collaborative effort beween Primary & Secondary, LLC., InRange TV and Dugan Ashley.

Check out Primary & Secondary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMBqATNTqk6c2Gom0lsWHXQ

P&S really has unique and intelligent content that's well worth your time!

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Music: "Sexy" Lil' Doog' Feat. Henry CarniK Records 2013

    • Uploaded: 09/30/2017