300 yards with an air rifle



Yes, That's right. 300 yards with an air rifle. The Hatsan Hercules is a powerful air gun offered in multiple calibers, this one is in 30 caliber, and is designed for taking longer shots on targets. The Hercules is a Precharged pneumatic Repeater with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. factory velocity of 1070 fps. The airgun sports Hatsan's Quiet Energy Barrel Technology which is an integrated sound moderator and fully shrouded barrel with a precision modified rifled choke. the airgun operates via a Side-lever action, feeding pellets using its Anti-double-feed mechanism to push pellets from its rotary magazine. Filling the reservoir is easy with an included fill nipple that connects up to the two massive air reservoirs that can be filled up to 250 bar the air rifle is ergonomically adjustable for cheek height and length of pull on the rubber butt pad. The 2-stage fully adjustable trigger with a Dual safety, (manual and automatic) allows shooters to push a little more accuracy out in longer range shooting. Unfortunately, all these goodies to come at a cost. The gun is quite heavy at 13 lbs.

More info: https://hatsanusa.com/products/hercules-30-35-45-cals

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    • Uploaded: 10/17/2017