Maxim 9 from SilencerCo In The Wild: No Ear Pro Day Part 3



Maxim 9 from SilencerCo In The Wild (No Ear Pro Day Part 3) Hank Strange and Baby Face P: Our First thoughts on the SilencerCo Maxim 9, looking a lot like a Lawgiver from the 1995 Movie Judge Dredd. These are 9mm Integrally Suppressed Pistols. Plus Dual Wielding Maxim 9's. With Hurricane Irma bearing down on us in Florida we decided to throw up a quick video of the First Commercial Available Integrally Suppressed Pistol from SilencerCo In The Wild. These Maxim 9 Pistol/Suppressors are aptly named by silencerco after Hiram Percy Maxim inventor of the Muffler and Suppressor, and are definitely highly anticipated future weapons.

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    • Uploaded: 09/12/2017