CMMG MK IV in .22 Nosler, The Faster AR-15



Not every AR-15 needs to be "Tactical", Black or menacing. AR15s have morphed into modern sporting rifles that can be used for a variety of purposes, Defense, Training, Target Shooting, Plinking, competition, Long Range, and of course hunting. In recent years we have seen the emergence of a variety of new calibers to go along with the trend in ARs. Today we are going to be looking at CMMG's iteration of the Tactical hunter with the addition of .22 Nosler to their line of MK IVs. .22 Nosler is a modern rendering of the .22-250 cartridge for use in Semi-auto rifles like the AR-15. From the .223 Remington cartridge it offers a 25% increase in case capacity, yielding higher velocities, and a flatter shooting round. It was announced at Shot Show 2017. This V2 variant of CMMG;s Rifle is comprised of the following: 24" Fluted Medium taper 416 Stainless Steel Barrel, RKM-14 Keymod Handguard, Forged 7075 Receivers, Magpul furniture, Geissele Trigger, and a variety of color schemes. The rifle runs off standard 6.8 SPC Magazines

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    • Uploaded: 09/19/2017