Saudi Technical Backs Away From An IED... Into An IED



Marines from Marine Corps Special Operations Command conduct tactical driving and shooting training until they can’t get it wrong.

A wise NCO once passed some words down to me. I know that these words ring true, and have traveled throughout the ages, but what he said will always stick with me. “An amateur will train until he gets it right, a professional will train until it’s impossible to get it wrong.” MARSOC is the epitome of this statement.

The video below showcases the Marine Corps special operators conducting intense driving and shooting training. Throughout the video you will see them training in various uniforms, in various vehicles, and with various weapons. While the drills may be the same from time to time, the conditions and changes help the operators to never fail in the real world.

Always faithful, always forward. Semper Fidelis.

    • Uploaded: 09/08/2017