Final 15 Minutes: Mower Blades into Custom Knives BMH Knives



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Makers: BMH Knives Blake Hernandez (Bladesmith/Blacksmith) from Phoenix Arizona Hank Strange Who Moved My Freedom Podcast episode 11 Blake goes over the BMH Knives blacksmithing process of knife making / handmade knives hand made blades, hand made swords, handmade tonto, hand made EDC tactical knives, how to start making knives, where to find materials for knife making. Blake owner of BMH Knives also goes over materials like carbon fiber knives, G10 steel knives, D2 Steel knife and more. #hangoutsonair #whomovedmyfreedom #goodknivesgoodvibes

http://www.bmhaz.com/ The "Gila Monster" is the first Ten-Knife Build to leave the BMH™ Shop. It's original design provides an incredibly comfortable grip, while it's unique look takes nothing away from it's performance or durability. This limited edition set includes G10 Liners, Carbon-Fiber Scales, Kydex sheath, and features our debut of D2 Steel.

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    • Uploaded: 09/15/2017