August 2017 Q&A - Part 2 of 3



This month's Q&A is nearly 2 hours long and broken up into three parts.

Here's part 2!

0:00 Nicholas F What options do we have for secure 2way comms? Commercial crypto is $$$ and you can't run crypto over HAM. If only there was a 2way wireless SSH based PKI system that was open source!

EFF’s walkthrough of Signal:

4:03 Tim Question for both: What match are you most looking forward to attending in the next year?

Tiger Valley 2 man match:

7:38 Eric Given the opportunity to use them in a 2GACM, which of the MP40 vs PPSh-41 would each of you want to use?

9:23 Matthew Y During the HaH natch there were several times that you needed to engage paper pistol targets on the ground basically within arms reach. Weren't you concerned about that from a safety perspective, especially given the rocky soil? Watching those parts gave me the heebee-jeebees!

10:37 Garrett S In the various 2 Gun matches, I have noticed both Ian and Karl use a battle belt type system to reload from and carry things (even showcasing such post Hard as Hell). What are your thoughts on plate carriers and chest rigs for this purpose and how popular are they for 2 Gun matches like 2GACM and others?

15:14 Alan E When shooting a right-handed bolt action rifle left handed, which hand should you use to work the action?

17:18 Dana G I'm interested in who you guys are. What is your favorite band and why? We learn alot about guns from you guys but we don't learn about you, you guys are the reason I watch and support.

Ian: Nightwish

Bye Bye Beautiful:

Seven Nations:

Karl: Babyland

Live version of “Dismissal”:

Studio version of “Ramona Moraga”:

Skinny Puppy:


20:46 Austin C What are your thoughts on the Holbrook device for M1 Garand? Does it take away too much of the historical feel from the rifle, or does it provide a bit of help to the modern shooter, in a stressful environment?

Holbrook Device:

22:54 Brian H I have a feeling you’ll find this a ridiculous topic, but recently I learned about the auto-glove – do you see any actual viable use for rapid-fire devices like this (or slide fire stocks, the BMF Activator, bump sticks, any other products you may have seen at Shot Show or in other travels), or are they just for fun at the range? It’d be interesting to see them in a match, but any practical application seems questionable.

26:50 Cyrus F What's your opinion on the Sig 320 kerfuffle?

29:24 Zachary S I've seen Ian's RDB pop up every now and then over the past year. How is he liking it?

InRange RDB Give-a-way:

30:15 Scot B What's a normal day for Ian and Karl at the range like? What do they do for training when they're not shooting matches or testing out some crazy old gun?

31:46 Phil C Would you guys be interested in organizing a cleanup for some of the outdoor desert shooting areas?

33:35 Charles A Karl, did you receive your Walther CCP back from recall and will you be using it for a carry handgun once more?

KE Arms Glock Slide:

35:17 Mitchell C Why are there so few companies making new production .303 British ammunition, seeing as the Lee Enfield is generally well liked and still reasonably available?

38:57 Andrew D What weapon do you most regret buying?

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    • Uploaded: 08/31/2017