August 2017 Q&A - Part 3 of 3



This month's Q&A is nearly 2 hours long and broken up into three parts.

Here's part 3, the end, the finale. The last part of this Q&A!

0:00 Dan What is the worst gun that you really like?

6:26 Michael P Roland-special style pistol set ups are making micro-comps popular on carry pieces. What's your thoughts and/or experience with them. Are they viable?

BRWaldo With the recent developments in passive exoskeletons what future use do you see for passive and active exoskeletons and maybe even power armor?

Scott W Various military reseaech programs are increasingly showing conceptual future soldiers with technology lifted or inspired by sci-fi entertainment: are there concepts presented in sci-fi of truly far off tech that you guys feel would really make an improvement in real combat conditions, when that tech eventually makes a breakthrough?

15:40 Paul D What was the most interesting thing you learned on your recent trip to Finland?

19:52 Jon B Can you guys recommend a good quality firearms related podcast?

P&S: https://primaryandsecondary.com/ The Arms Room: https://thearmsroomvom.podbean.com/ Modern Rifleman: http://modernriflemanradio.com/ Handgun Radio: https://firearmsradio.tv/handgun-radio/

21:50 Shawn F Have you guys considered doing morale patches for sale?

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    • Uploaded: 09/05/2017