CLA 2017 part 4



The 2017 edition of the Contemporary Longrifle Association show was held in August in Lexington, Kentucky. The CLA is an organization for artisans, of the longrifle culture, which includes building muzzleloading rifles and accruements as well as other crafts of the early era of our country, and of the fine art artists who depict the era.

The CLA show is massive, so, to do it justice I’ll be producing several videos on the 2017 show. In this video, which is part 4, you’ll see:

Ric Lambert rifles Lowell Haarer rifles and pistols Fluke Bros powder flasks Elijah Froelich axes and knives Mitch Yates rifles CLA auction items Ron Vail Horns Jerry Eitner rifles

And more…

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    • Uploaded: 08/30/2017