We Demonetize Ourselves - August 2017 Update



We proactively demonetized InRangeTV in April of 2017 as a response to the old media's attempt to leverage advertising money as a tool against independent creators.

We stated we'd have an update in August, so that's what this video is.

We've doubled down on this endeavor with InRangeTV:

We'd cancelled our AdSense account entirely

Focused on viewer support directly (via Patreon)

Diversified distribution of content to Facebook, YouTube and Full30

We're actively looking into putting more effort into Minds.com and other Patreon like support mechanisms as well as merchandising

It's ultimately up to you, the viewer and consumer, to control what content should be supported. Direct viewer support means that the content and views are less likely to be controlled by the mainstream, and if we continue to enforce our consumer power over the internet, we have a chance of keeping it open and free.

Thank you for watching and for your continued support!


You can alternatively donate directly via PayPal: [email protected]

    • Uploaded: 08/25/2017