CZ-75 B Commie Special



CZ-USA puts out a limited run of their CZ-75 B in a Cold War Commemorative configuration. The gun features a rounded trigger guard unlike the current "Beretta-esk" original spur hammer, soviet night sights (glow in the dark paint) Red soviet stars, hammer and sickle insignia (mother Russia nostalgia). Handgun has a modern firing pin block that makes it safe for carry (concealed or open) in any confirmation. Unlike other semiautomatic pistols, the CZ-75 features a slide that rides on the inside of the frame. This makes for dimensional efficiency, and shrinks the slide- making it ideal for smaller statured shooters (women, adolescents, and Europeans), giving them a really good option for a metal framed handgun that isn't a 1911(puke). For this video we like shooting Fiocchi 115gn FMJ 9x19mm ammunition.

More info: https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-factory/cz-75b-cold-war.html

    • Uploaded: 09/01/2017