The Ultimate Assassin Pistol: Low-light/No-Light Shoot



After reviewing the Volquartsen Scorpion, we just thought the gun was way too cool robbery left alone. To tap its full potential we started to accessorize. Adding the trijicon RMR gave us a fast acquisition capability, the sight is mounted in a midwest industries low profile mount. Next we fitted the rail with a TLR-1 HL to really light things up. What is an Assassin pistol without a silencer though? The Q Produxts Erector adds suppressed versatility with its light weight modularity. To test this gun out we are going total dark, low-light no-light. Special thanks to Optics planet for providing VSO subscribers with a discount: "VSOgun" for 5% off. http://bit.ly/2oEMemL

Original Volquartsen Review: https://youtu.be/-jh-Ns0ftr0

    • Uploaded: 08/15/2017