3 Ways Front Slide Serrations are Used Wrong



Quick Disclaimer, this is a highly opinionated piece about a tactical fad. If you are sensitive you may need to retreat to your safe space. For some time now there has been a trend of people doing after factory slide work to (particularly Glock) their firearm. We have all seen the egregious stipple jobs of instagram and people hacking away at their slides to make it look cool. Well, now legitimate manufacturers are starting to give into this trendy tacticool masturbation and are offering stock guns that are all cut up.

Today we explore the uselessness of this aesthetic flare by applying a few simple criteria: 1.) Our off hand always works behind the trigger 2.) The ejection port is oriented toward gravity when working it 3.) only the mechanical force of the slide is used to put itself into battery.

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    • Uploaded: 08/04/2017