NFA Review Shoot 2017



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This marks the 2nd year I've held a shoot for my YouTube clients. I work with many firearm and silencer companies in the industry and this is one way I help them reach shooters that are interested in demo'ing their products. Conversely this is one way that you as a shooter can go to one stop and try out TONS of different firearms and silencers from all the great companies we know and love!

Day1: Friday- Setup/Media Day. This was closed to the public but allowed the invited YouTubers, IG page owners, etc one-on-one time with the vendors they wanted to visit. This way they could get the footage they need without the public getting in the way.

Day 2: Saturday- Public Day (The Event) The cost was $30 and included range access all day, access to all the vendor guns, ammo on included, and a raffle ticket for a chance at the AMAZING prizes. We did some shows with a helicopter and APC as well as a HELI SWAG DUMP that hooked up the first shooters to arrive in the morning with a change to catch some shirts and extra raffle tickets!

You could not buy raffle tickets but they could be earned! Each vendor table had a form that the shooter could fill out, leaving a comment behind after they demo'd the product. At the end of the day each vendor chose 10 comments/feedback they felt was the most valuable to them. These people were called to the front during the raffle to get an extra ticket, thus increasing their odds at some amazing gear!

All in all it was a successful day! I will be making some improvements for next year such as: A second food truck, some tents selling just water, and some shade tents. I will try and schedule the 2018 shoot for March so it's a tad cooler out as well!

We had 1200+ shooters attend this year and all I saw were smiles. I hope to see you out there in 2018, YES YOU! Keep an eye on my Facebook fan page because as soon as I pick a date I will list it in the "EVENTS" section of my YouTube page, allowing youth RSVP for a reminder. Like/Follow here: http://www.facebook.com/nfareviewchannel

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    • Uploaded: 05/31/2017